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As mobile devices are core need of our world, attackers take benefit of this need by creating malicious viruses every day. Our teams are specialists in mobile application security testing. Our main goal is to convey the greatest client esteem through the speed, exactness, and proficiency.

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Mobile and RFID Security Vulnerabilities

Access Control Attack

This type of attack attempt to penetrate a network by using wireless or evading access control. The examples of this attack is Mac spoofing or rogue access points. This is possible by penetrating a network with evading the Mac filters and maliciously accessing control ports. This can be possible by installing an unsecured AP inside firewall, creating backdoor into trusted network.

Integrity Attack

This type of attacks is basically transmitting forged data frames, control over a wireless network. The example of this attack is a Denial of service or 802.11 data repay. These attacks are possible by capturing data frames for modified repay or with Injection tools.

Authentication Attack

In this type of attacks, Intruder can steal staff credentials to misuse the services assigned to them. Some example of these kinds of attacks is PSK Cracking, password guessing and application login theft. These attacks are possible by recovering a WPA2 phase shift keying from captured key handshake. Some tools like wpa_crack, password dictionary and cow patty can be used to perform these attacks

Blue bug Attack

In this type of attack attacker can gains access to the Bluetooth enabled devices used in the administrator services. This attack is possible by RFCOMM channel connection (another Bluetooth service). To perform these attacks tools like Bluebugger and Bluesnaffer can be used. Poor implementation by manufacturers or undocumented bug can cause this attack

Cloning and Spoofing

In this type of attack, data can be cloned from pre-existing RFID tag and can be used to access a secured information. This type of attack is mainly seen is asset management operation.

Reverse engineering attacks

Like most products, reverse engineering can be performed on RFID readers and Tags. Attacker with knowledge of RFID protocols and feature can accomplish this attack. Hacker can analyse the chip form same device in order to find, how to receive the data from the IC.