Ransomware Security

Right Turn Security provides real-time defence from the ransomware attack performed on the businesses and individuals. Our team is trained with XRY recovery kits to backup your personal data . We use most advance decryption tools and techniques in the UK

Search Instant Remediation

In case of Ransomware attack, our team quickly understand ransomware type and try to find any free decryption tools and free remediation options to bring company back in active state.

Analysing Decryption

When our analysers team deal with any severe ransomware attack, our malware analysts focus on solving encryption algorithms used in ransomware rather then paying ransom amount.

Sensitive Data Restore

After achieving success in decryption of encrypted data, Our digital forensic team work on bringing all the encrypted data back in original state and creating secure backups for future safety

Real Time Incident Reporting

our reporting team is certified in report writing from bond Solon law firm in UK. In the end, our team provide start till end reporting of the attack, we can help in preparing for any future incident

Right Turn Security Ransomware Security

Major Threat Areas