Web Penetration Testing

This kind of testing performed on the organization’s websites to maintain its integrity and securing their organization data and employee data from being attacked by insiders and external attackers. Web application penetration testing show organizations the risks associated with the vulnerabilities present in their web applications.

Website Scanning

Malware Removal

Web Firewall

Vulnerability Patching

DDoS Protection

PCI Compliance

Web Penetration Testing Training

Provides you with the knowledge and insight to what hackers may do and how to find and resolve the vulnerabilities
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  • Job Training
  • Professional Report Writing

Vulnerable Website in the World

Vulnerable Webapplications

Major Vulnerabilities

Our Security Assessment

Our Purpose

We focus on securing web applications from cyber attacks. Web application assessments are a procedure to identify potential risks or threats to a security system. it can prevent improper configuration, less secure authentication, imperfect data error handling, information leakage etcetera.

Our Scope

Our policies cover all web application security assessments requested by any individual, group or department for maintaining the security aspects, risk management, and change control of technologies in use at Company


Web applications are subject to security assessments based on the following criteria:

  1. Update in software – it will be properly assessed prior to release into the live environment.
  2. Third-Party Web Application –it will be subject to full assessment after which it will be bound to policy requirements.
  3. Regular monitoring- A authorized person will regularly audit the security access and maintenance.

Any employee found to have violated this policy will be dealt with disciplinary action and this may lead to dismissal from employment.